Protect your company from attacks. IT security, building security and personal security are increasingly becoming the focus of companies. Attacks, theft and blackmail are on the rise.

CRATOS supports companies in the protection of infrastructures (IT, buildings) and people. We are specialized in preventing and detecting attacks and reacting to them. Our subsidiary BLUETEAM also offers comprehensive security services.

Prevention of Attacks

  • Campus-/ Building-Security (Admission, Intruder Defense, Gunfire Protection, Interception Security)
  • Video Surveillance Concepts
  • Threat Analysis
  • Zone Concepts
  • IT Infrastructure Hardening
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Firewall -evaluation and -configuration
  • ISMS (Information Security Management System) definition, refinement and implementation
  • Define and Implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems
  • Trainings on social engineering

Detection of Attacks

  • Define, install and optimize Security Operation Center (Tools, Processes, Organization)
  • Define Alarm-Chains and Escalations
  • Setup Security Organizations

Response on Attacks

  • Forensic Analysis
  • Observe, definite deletion, take into quarantine
  • Negotiations with Blackmailers, High-Jackers
  • Cooperation with investigative authorities