Group-wide Roll-Out of Windows 10, International

Group-wide Roll-Out of Windows 10, International

22. March 2021


After Microsoft’s notification that their support for the operating system Windows 7 will be discontinued after January 2020 a lot of enterprises are obliged to update their IT-infrastructure and with that also all their Windows 7 clients.


By the time the project started our customer was operating more than 53.000 clients and 2.000 virtual desktops with Windows 7. Those computers were distributed over several locations in 12 countries throughout Europe and America.

To enable the roll-out of Windows 10 the managed workplace service provider build-up a new parallel SCCM infrastructure based on ConfigMgr 2016 (current branch). Afterwards the roll-out was conducted either by replacing old devices against new ones with Windows 10 pre-installed or by fully re-imaging existing and compatible devices.

In addition, several thousand applications had to be consolidated and migrated to the new SCCM infrastructure.


In order to conduct the roll-out as efficient and resource-friendly as possible the users had to be enabled to carry out the re-imaging of their clients on their own. In order to meet this requirement all technical and organizational processes had to be established based on the desired user experience.

Additionally, processes had to be established in order to support Microsoft’s evergreen approach to keep all clients on the latest release of Windows 10.


In accordance with our customer, we chose to manage the roll-out via a classic project management method. The main reason for this was to cope with a lot of dependencies between the roll-out phases (technical enabling, application enabling, roll-out) and the need to conduct those phases in an overlapping manner due to time-constraints. Using sophisticated roll-out management tools we have been able determine the Windows 10 roll-out readiness of each individual client based on its individual application and site readiness.

Customer Benefit

This project has been an essential step towards a modernized IT-infrastructure of our customer. At the same time, it was also an important prerequisite for our customer’s to reach its strategic goals for the managed workplace environment.