Digital Workplace, international

Digital Workplace, international

6. October 2017


Technically, the renewal of the workplace IT is usually driven by the manufacturers of operating systems and the connected software.

However, our client had an additional reason to act: the user behaviour in classical services, for example email, has changed a good deal over the last deacades. While generation X is still communicating by email, generation Y and Z are using the possibilities and advantages of social networks to the full. Thus, cooperation is completely re-organised, not only in the private sphere, but also on the company’s internal platforms. The almost exclusive use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), extensively networked and always on, is a convenience which is also desired in the workplace.

The adaptation of freely accessible and innovative services provided by companies is already an eligibility criterion among prospective job applicants and creates a new challenge for the company in the war-for-talents.

This is the point where the project and our mandate started.

Starting Point

Our client wanted his employees’ workplaces to be cutting edge where IT was concerned. The target was to increase the ability to react quickly and enable more flexibility. The strategy had two aims: “Cloud First!” and a comprehensive user orientation. Employees should not even think about building a “Shadow IT” or store company knowledge on an insecure public Cloud. Also, new options should be opened up for mobile device usage.


The project affected 3.500 users with a demand for excellent quality. The user should have access to all company data, including telephone and email, from everywhere and all the time – independently of their device (smartphone, iPad, laptop) or their location – worldwide.


The project covers all areas of the workplace infrastructure including Cloud-based identity management, Windows 10 Roll-out, Office 365 and Office 2016. A hybrid approach was chosen as project framework so that the classical project content with a clear scope (such as Roll-out) and innovative content could be implemented optimally.

Customer Benefit

The project had a very high commercial significance for our client. It was important for him that we fulfill his strategic aims right down the line. Now his IT can react to user requirements quickly and flexibly. The inclusion of a secure Cloud significantly facilitates dealing with relevant data for his employees. This creates a contented work environment and increases productivity. At the same time, by having a unified and secure environment, data security is increased.