Cloud sourcing office 365 for 60.000 employees

Cloud sourcing office 365 for 60.000 employees

6. October 2017


From an IT point of view, the spin-off of Group companies is by no means a trivial undertaking. Especially in the case of grown and consolidated IT services, such an undertaking can bring to light long-forgotten circumstances. If the separation of the system, in this case the Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, also involves the migration to a cloud service, the complexity of the project increases.
In the course of a company separation, the task was to separate the entire mail infrastructure completely, clearly and quickly into two unconnected areas.

In addition, the existing system was to be dissolved and migrated to the cloud as part of this separation.

Starting Point

The size of the project comprised 60,000 users with a total of 90,000 mailboxes and 80,000 archives. It was a great challenge and condition to migrate all this seamlessly so that business operations could continue smoothly and without restrictions – otherwise our client would have to fear contractual penalties due to antitrust law.


The mail-system of this corporation is a compound structure which, because of various acquisitions and investments, comprises much dead wood and shows a strong dependency among the mailboxes, caused by several re-organisations. The transfer to a cloud-based service, which cannot be individualised in the same manner, proved to be one of the main challenges, not only from a technical point of view.


The project was grouped into three major parts: preparatory measures for technical enabling; migrating all mail boxes; roll-out of Office 365 Pro Plus including Skype for Business, SharePoint online and OneDrive for Business for all users. During all phases of the migration project we were the central contact point for all business units; we coordinated the in-house units and were the interface to the external service provider.

Customer Benefit

For our client, the project was business-critical because it required him to meet his legal requirements. We did this for him punctually, securely and transparently and at the same time set up a new, future-proof package of applications for his employees. The operating costs for the entire “e-mail” area have fallen, while the scope of services has increased: the services are more readily available, worldwide and platform-independent, access barriers have been eliminated (no more VPN), which in turn relieves the local infrastructure and increases flexibility. With the new IT solution, employees can work more productively and securely – even in the future.