Carve-Out of an energy supplier

Carve-Out of an energy supplier

6. October 2017



In the context of a re-municipalisation, a large energy corporation was selling its majority share in a regional energy supplier to various local authorities. However, there were extensive changes connected to this carve-out which had to be managed carefully.


Starting Point


A regional energy supplier in Westphalia changed from an energy corporation into a medium sized company after the carve-out. Detaching all the company’s necessary components and areas was a complex task. During the transition, the process-IT as an encapsulated area, was a relatively straightforward task, while for the business areas (shared services of grid, HR, IT) it was necessary to find a new service provider. Our commitment to this project had already begun by accompanying a tender process for the biggest segment – the shared services of grid commerce.




Preparing the tender was already a very demanding project. A considerable adjustment effort resulted from the fact that the former energy corporation had a very complex and customised system topography. The migration of enormous amounts of data from the old to the new service provider, including the adjustment to very different data structures, was certainly one of the greatest challenges. Similarly, it was necessary to adjust the commercial grid processes and feeder structures, as well as accounting procedures. Nevertheless, we successfully organised and accompanied all those stages of this highly complex project.




In order for this cut-over from the old to the new service provider to run smoothly, extensive and very thorough preparatory work was crucial. The smooth transition was extremely important because the Federal Network Agency had made extremely strict requirements with regard to market communication and balancing rules. This was so successful that not only did the end customers not notice the change, but also the sometimes very complex invoicing with the new service provider in the background was carried out immediately and correctly.


Customer Benefit


This project concerned the core business of our client and it was absolutely critical for him that it was successful. By changing the service provider our client profited from more attractive conditions and moreover, his processes were noticeably simplified. With the present standard solution, employees can work more quickly, simply and cost-effective – which will benefit the final client. Thus, we could sustainably reinforce the basis for further very positive business development.