Our managers will support you with their wide-ranging know-how in project and programme management. From strategy to (re-) organisation, to the implementation of projects, we are at your side. We live projects, right until they are successfully finalised.



Management Competencies




With commitment, expert knowledge, social skills and an eye for the essential we work diligently side-by-side with you! All the projects we conducted were accepted within the time limit, budget and quality by our clients. Our clients like to employ our consultancy services again and again. We are your project  driver, worker and friendly adviser in one, and loyally represent the interests of our clients.


Constant market modifications demand dynamic action from companies. Taking current trends into account, we show you various ways of successfully positioning your company and actively shaping the market.

According to the nine building blocks of Osterwalder and Pigneur’s innovative business model, we describe your company and deliver the basics for pioneering changes. We explain actual business model prototypes such as unbundling models, long-tail, FREE, and give you the incentive to view your companies from another angle in order to discover new business fields.

We understand the chances and risks entailed by hyper-competition as discussed by Eckert. Our procedural methods result in a multidimensional and clear business assessment which enables new strategy options.

We accompany you from defining a strategy to the operative realisation and further development of the organisation with cutting-edge methods – and on an equal footing with all participants.

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Business Strategy


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„Creative destruction“ inherent in technological disruption is truly impressive: Only 12% of the Fortune 500 companies, who were in the 1955 index, are still there today (Source: American Enterprise Institute). According to market value, the four most valuable companies operate in the technology sector (Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon) and that trend continues with Facebook on the 5th place. The biggest threat – losing top positions – does not come from other sectors. Chinese internet services are growing quickly and are about to break into the Top 10 (Tencent, Alibaba). What all these companies have in common is that they are agile and react rapidly, as they introduce change within seconds while avoiding interruptions and standstills.

„Change is what people fear most“
Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewskij

One shouldn’t be afraid of change. On the contrary, change creates chances. By applying the right strategy you can not only open doors to new technologies, but also increase motivation and performance within the workforce. We challenge structures, procedures and technologies in your company to highlight the potential for optimisation. Thus, existing processes and services are rearranged to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. There is a simultaneous increase in quality and customer satisfaction which, in turn, has an immediate positive effect on the appreciation of internal resources.

Ask us about real world examples which we have implemented for our customers. We are known for supporting our clients in realising those potentials; we do not just turn our back on you after presenting a standard set of slides. CRATOS sees itself as a partner, provider of ideas and implementer for change processes.

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Business Transformation

Manager and Company lawyer

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In times when cyber-crime is more lucrative than the international drug market and you can buy cyber-attacks as a service in the Darknet, the subject of BUSINESS SECURITY takes on a new dimension.

„You don’t have to be an IT specialist to become a cyber criminal.“
Dr. Stefan Schwerdtner

Due to digitisation, matters of security are becoming increasingly important. Thus adequate security precautions are a decisive factor for success. In the future a company’s success will be wholly dependent on whether they have managed to deliver suitable security standards for the project and the business as a whole. We focus on security solutions for the IT infrastructure in addition to security measures for the workforce and company buildings.

Security as an overall concept

Together we will identify the “crown jewels” of your company. What security measures are already in place? Where do gaps have to be closed? Following an analysis, including cost plans and impact risk analysis, we will present and implement a security concept. CRATOS is in close contact with several security authorities and is in continual exchange with them.

Your expert for the area 
Business Security


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Re-define your success with projects

A continually changing market demands ever more flexible, sustainable and cost effective solutions and innovations. Managing these changes efficiently within the framework of a project helps your company to secure and expand your competitive edge. On the basis of tried and tested project and programme management methods, we adapt to your guidelines and take into account the four dimensions of change which we regard as fundamental (structures, people, procedure and IT). At the beginning of each project we provide an assessment in which we point out the potential for improvement in a balanced and relevant manner; considering factors such as parallel projects, market change, political and legal frameworks and innovations.

Our clients value us for our commitment to the tasks assigned to us. With the help of this commitment, we jointly devise novel solutions  and together achieve success for your company.

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Project Excellence


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Sector Competencies

IT-Organisations | Energy Sector | Mobility Sector


Long before the founding of CRATOS in its present form, our experienced managers had already conducted impressive projects with energy providers, established new infrastructures for IT companies, advised management boards on strategy issues and developed successful internal structures and processes for various clients. We have further developed this core knowledge, adapted it to new situations and in particular, passed it on to our younger colleagues. The continuous processing of sector information is deeply embedded in our corporate culture and serves one purpose only: the integration of our managers in the clients’ companies in a manner which is adequate for the sector.


Meeting demands consequently

The challenge of digitisation and virtualisation poses not only questions of compatibility, but also makes specific demands for IT security and the supporting IT organisation. Also, Cloud management is increasingly coming into focus. Digitisation projects, purchase management and, last but not least, outsourcing requires competent consultation, planning and implementation.

Our consulting service includes re-aligning of existing IT organisations, accompanying the associated change processes, as well as a final measuring of the efficiency of the new structures.

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Finding solutions by thinking in networks

Energy supply has become a complex challenge for energy providers. Moreover, the change to alternative energy sources has forced a radical transformation of the energy sector. It is necessary to define a clear technical and commercial target scenario.

CRATOS is the right partner to accompany you for digitisation projects, (system) – integration of innovative concepts within the renewable energies legislation, product development, as well as the networking of decentralised energy facilities. The same applies to demand side management, energy data management, the installation of SAP-projects, Internet of Things projects and re-organisations.

Your expert for the sector
Energy Sector

Responsible manager for the energy sector

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The car has been the leading means of transport for the last 100 years. It is synonymous with mobility, flexibility and independence, and these days it has become a status symbol. Worldwide car production has nearly doubled since the year 2000. Whereas the number of new registrations in the booming industrial regions of, for example, Asia or Latin America has grown rapidly, the numbers have stagnated in the EU. The flipside of this global development is obvious: traffic jams, lack of parking space and smog are the primary consequences of mobility.
Both politics as well as the automotive industry have started to re-think the current system. The trend in the industry is definitely in the direction of e-mobility, autonomous driving and car sharing. However, are the present ideas going far enough and how will the car fare in the future among the other means of transport? What role will pedelecs, public transport and planes play in the future? What influence will all these developments have on the freight sector?

We are certain that sustainable and future-oriented concepts of mobility will have a decisive competitive edge in passenger and freight transport. Of course, this is a never-ending process where we have undertaken the task of always questioning the status quo in order to identify developments and to extrapolate the chances and risks which may arise.
Through a grounded expertise, close cooperation with universities and years of experience in the investigation and analysis of mass data, our consultants support companies and public institutions on their way to future-oriented and resilient solutions.

Your expert for the sector
Mobility Sector


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Other Industries

Together we will answer the question of whether your company uses all the technical possibilities of digitisation available to be well and securely established for the future. We will not only show you the new potential possibilities but also simulate how the new structures will interact.
Thus, the simulation includes the application of the production-hard environment and the development of “industry 4.0” using agile methods. The higher level of digitisation brings with it challenges for IT security, which CRATOS will adapt, in dialogue with you, without losing sight of your core processes.

The experience gathered from the many projects of our “Managing People” is applied in order to optimise your production or logistic process or to work out a suitable energy supply concept for your location.

The challenges presented by digitisation are being discussed widely in the public domain. We will provide you with orientation and support with strategic and organisational developments for your company using modern methods, and aspire to be your partner on an equal footing, personal and competent.

Together we will achieve a successful and secure “company 4.0”!

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Other Industries


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