Create the future of energy together. New technologies, such as H2, storage, smart grids, etc., pose enormous challenges for energy suppliers.

CRATOS supports utilities and energy-intensive industries in the introduction of business field-specific applications, smart grids, H2 and storage solutions as well as business field expansions and strategic realignments.

New Energy Technologies

  • H2
  • Storage
  • Smart Grid

 Business Field Expansions

  • Broadband expansion and use of existing fiber optic capacities


  • H2

Hydrogen Value Chain:

When it comes to the clean energy carriers of the future, their storage and transport capabilities, or their potential for sector coupling, many resources and hopes are now placed on hydrogen. In Cratos, we have developed a comprehensive hydrogen map (H2Map) that opens up the following possibilities, among others:

  • Holistic overview of the hydrogen value chain (technological, economic, political, etc.).
  • Dynamic mapping of the market development
  • Identification of opportunities and risks
  • Positioning of client projects
  • Basis for technical and commercial planning and evaluation of projects
  • SGSC