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... and always with the most important success factor in mind: People!

Our services are based on our fundamental principle of cooperation on equal terms with our customers, our employees and our partners.

We use our digital and social competencies to work with our customers to implement their digital change projects. Always ambitious, sustainable, and holding ourselves to the highest standards.

The secret of getting
ahead is getting started

(Mark Twain)

IT-Project Management

A well-managed project can ensure both a head start and a certain competitive advantage. It is essential to be professional in cost aspects and to increase IT security to ensure the long-term success of your project.

Our experienced project managers will manage your IT change initiatives so that you can be sure of the success of your investment.


If you don't secure your IT today, you will experience a major cyber-attack tomorrow! We protect you from this!

As proven experts in cyber security matters, we enable you to achieve maximum protection with the greatest possible flexibility! From analyzing the security measures in your company, especially in IT, to setting up IT security departments and structures. The focus of our service is the security of your IT to protect your company and organization from cyber-attacks. This includes IT security architectures (e.g., with Zero-Trust), but also hardening of your Internet break-outs, login procedures (e.g. with MfA), and all neuralgic points that could potentially be attacked. We are always one step ahead of the attackers! Benefit from our experience and passion to stand up for a secure and free society!

Cloud Transition & Transformation

Moving IT services to the cloud has many benefits. Nevertheless, this decision should be made consciously. The entire company must take this step with a unified mindset. The business and IT strategies, personnel, sourcing, and technology strategies must be examined and adapted to the decision.

We accompany you during the preliminary considerations, the strategy adjustments, and finally during the implementation of your cloud strategy. Both, with a holistic understanding of the IT organization and proven IT expertise. In this way, we enable our customers to make a seamless transition to innovative technology landscapes, as well as cost reductions and increased flexibility.

Management of Change

"Nothing is as constant as change." (Heraclitus of Ephesus)

To remain competitive, change is essential! Change should raise questions about stability, benefits, design possibilities, and the target image among those affected.

Finding the answers to these questions is the key to the success of the change project.

We accompany you and your employees in the change process, in cultural change, in change and management workshops or trainings, and much more.

Energy-Technology and Business Consulting

Energy drives us and our customers every day. The energy landscape is changing rapidly, with renewable energy sources becoming increasingly important in both generation and sustainable use of energy. The advancing of climate change and extensive changes in legislation are forcing all companies to rethink their energy use, which in turn affects all projects.

We support our customers with innovative and new ideas to advance the best possible implementation of their energy projects. Just like energy, innovation is our engine for change. This applies not only directly to the topic of renewable energy but also to the topics necessary for implementation, such as creating a digital infrastructure through the expansion of broadband networks or changes in process mapping and IT landscape in a company.

Hydrogen Integration

No matter if you're looking for a new hydrogen concept, exploring options for producing hydrogen for sale on the market or for your own use, or optimizing your power production; our financial and technical system modelling enables you to find the optimal solution.

Whether you're new to the hydrogen industry or already have a foothold in the market, CRATOS can support you on your individual journey. Using scenario-based modelling and business cases, we can identify the optimal economic and ecological sustainable steps to realize your project. Through our know-how in project management in combination with our H2 expertise, we jointly pave the way for the production and use of green hydrogen - for people, the environment, and the success of your project.

14 years of experience in innovative energy projects enables us to achieve the necessary but challenging balancing act between:

Together with you, we plan! We develop! We implement! We optimize!

Individual software development

Continue to be successful!

With our experienced team of software developers and project managers, we offer you customized solutions that precisely map your requirements and keep your processes technologically up to date.

Our focus is on clear communication and a precise understanding of your needs. Our experts use proven open source technologies and advanced frameworks to develop robust and scalable solutions. From conception to implementation, we guide you through the entire development process. Along the way, our designers ensure an intuitive user interface and an appealing design. We guarantee high-quality solutions that increase your efficiency, reduce costs, and advance your business technologically.

Rely on our expertise and advanced technological orientation to ensure your success.

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