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Corporate IT organizations are experiencing a strong revaluation of their role and responsibility in terms of their contribution to corporate value. In addition to traditional operational issues, they are increasingly acting as business enablers. They enable new, data-driven business models and enable business scaling through automation and digitization of business processes. The convergence of IT and business is considered a prerequisite for the success of the digital transformation. We support you in the daily challenges of modernizing and managing your IT and in developing new digital capabilities.


We support financial and insurance institutions in modernizing their system landscapes and accompany them through the challenges posed by new and digital business models. Considering the tension between regulatory requirements and the use of cloud-based services, we bring both our IT security DNS as well as our experience and provide holistic consulting to enable a responsible step towards digital business models from an IT perspective.


The pressure to digitize in the public sector is constantly increasing: on the one hand, the demand for digital services on the part of citizens is growing, and on the other, employees are demanding new working methods and work-life balances in which the place of work no longer plays a role. Demographic change and boomers retiring will also drastically reduce the number of administrative professionals in the coming years. To keep work manageable, only (partial) automation of processes can be the solution.

We analyze processes, digitalize workflows, offer projects on cloud solutions, and design all of this in the context of state-of-the-art security (e.g., with Zero Trust).

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